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Good Nutrition follows Domesticated Cow

RV6.54 Cows Domestication

ऋषि: - भारद्वाजो बार्हस्पत्य:- The well wisher Scientist , देवता: - पूषा:- God of Nutrition  

सं पूषन्‌ विदुषा नय यो अञ्जसानुशासति । य एवेदमिति ब्रवत्‌ ॥ ऋ6.54.1

Let us be guided by the best Nutrition Education and learn about best systems to establish good Nutrition amongst us.

समु पूष्णा गमेमहि यो गृहाँअभिशासति।  इम एवेति च ब्रवत् ।। ऋ6.54.2

It is said that Nutrition is very closely linked with the life style of the family in the individual households.

पूष्णश्चक्रं न रिष्यति न कोशोऽव पद्यते ।नो अस्य व्यथते पवि: ॥ ऋ 6.54.3

Best Nutrition strategy is that by which our food does not suffer adulteration, there is no loss of nutrition content and  no external agents are able to cause harm to the nutritious value of the food.

यो अस्मै हविषाविधन्न तं पूषापि मृष्यते। प्रथमो विन्दते वसु ।। ऋ 6.54.4

Those who dedicate themselves to the service of this nutrition strategy, they never suffer on account of any nutritious problems. They become healthy, wealthy and wise .

पूषा गा अन्वेतु न: पूषा रक्षत्वर्वत: । पूषा वाजं सनोतु न: ।। ऋ 6.54.5

Nutrition follows the Cows, and also provides protection to our horses (by providing us with active life style temperaments) and makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.   

पूषन्ननु प्र गा इहि यजमानस्य सुन्वत: । अस्माकं स्तुवतामुत ।। ऋ6.54.6 May Pusha the god of nutrition  thus provide bounties for the Yajman the house holder , the owners of the cows who worship them.

माकिर्नेशन्माकीं रिषन्माकीं सं शारि केवटे ।अथारिष्टाभिरा गहि ।। ऋ6.54.7

Cows may not get hurt by falling in to water wells or get in to deep

Waters. And return to us after grazing without physical injury.

शृण्वन्तं पूषणं वयमिर्यमनष्टवेदसम् । ईशानं राय ईमहे ।। ऋ 6.54.8

Right policies and opinions have to be heard and implemented for the society to be blessed with health and wealth.

पूषन् तव व्रते वयं न रिष्येम कदा चन । स्तोतारस्त इह स्मसि।। ऋ6.54.9

By following the correct policies on Nutrition we may never suffer (any diseases). We must follow correct policies about Nutrition and enable good education about it.
परि पूषा परस्ताध्दस्तं दधातु दक्षिणम् । पुनर्नो नष्टमाजतु ।। ऋ 6.54.10

Administration must intervene strongly and with compassion to make up for any lapses in follow up of good Nutrition strategies


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