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Govt. Of India giving boost to Community disease & Cow slaughter

By implementing AI (Artificial Insemination) and enhancing presence of A1 Milk in India by continuing to import HF & Gersey Bulls and their semen Govt of India is not only ignoring the International Researches but also the ignoring  its own research by  National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR) Karnal on the importance of Indian breeds of cows as producers of A2 milk.
Govt of India has accorded its administrative approval on 16 th March to continue with its old policies. Operative part of the Govt of India approval is furnished below for all to read;-


Government of Irdia

Ministry of,AQrirulture , .

Department ofAnimal HUsbandry, Dairying & Fisheries , ,

Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi-11 0001

Dated the 16th March, 2012


Subject:- Administrative Approval of Central Sector Scheme "National Dairy Plan Phase-I (NDP-I)"

The undersigned is directed' to convey the Administrative Approval of

Government of India for implementation of Central Sector Scheme "National Dairy Plan" phase I for a period of six years from 201.1 -12. to 2016-17 With' the following objectives:,.

a) To help increase productivity" of milch animals and thereby increase milk production to meet the rapidly growing demand for milk,

 b) To help provide rural milk producers with greater access to the organised milk processing sector,

These objectives would be' pursued through the adoption of focused sciehtific and systematic processes in  provision of technical inputs supported by appropriate policy and 'regulatory measures.'

2. NDP-I will be implemented with 'a total investment of about  Rs:2,242 crore comprising RS.1584 Crore: as International Development Association (IDA)' credit, Rs:176 cror as  Gol share, RS.282 crore as share of  End Implementing Agencies (EIAs) that will, carry out the participating States and Rs,200 crore by National· Dairy Development Board (NDDS) and 'its subsidiaries for. Providing technical inputs and implementation support to the project. ' .

3., Pattern of funding under the scheme will be 100% grant in aid  for nutrition and breeding activities. In the case of new semen station, 25% qf the projett cost of the capital expenditure and in the case of village milk procurement systems, 50% of the cost of capital items will be shared by the End implementing Agencies. Administrative expenses including training expenses under the scheme would be kept within the admissible 6% ceiling of total expenditure proposed under the scheme.

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The key components of NDP-Phase I are: .

[A]. Productivity Enhancement.'

.The key components of NDP-Phase I are: .

[A]. Productivity Enhancement.

a).. Production of high genetic merit (HGM) cattle and buffalo bulls and import of Jersey/ HF Bulls for semen production

 i) Progeny testing

ii) Pedigree Selection

iii) Import of bulls.(equivalent embryos) 

 b). Strengthening existing semen stations / starting new stations for producing high quality disease free semen doses

 i) Strengthening existing semen stations -(A & B grade semen stations·

. only) ,

ii) New Semen stations

c). Setting up a pilot  model for viable doorstep AI delivery services (based on Standard Operating Procedures' [SOPs]) through a professional service

provider including animal tagging arid performance record

d). Improving nutrition of milch animals ,to produce milk commensurate with their genetic potential and for reducing methane emission

'i), Ration Balancing Program

ii)Fodder Development

 [B]. Village based milk procurement systems for weighing, testing quality

of milk received and  making payment to milk. Producers .

a) Milk weighing, testing and  collection .

b) Milk cooling

c) Support for creating institutional structure.

d) Training

[C] Project Management and Learning

a) ICT Based MIS

b) Learning & Evaluation; ~

5. NDP-I would focus on 14. major milk producing States - Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Maharashtra,.Karnataka, TamilNadu , Andhra Pradesh,Orissa and Kerala which account for over 90% of the country's milk production. Coverage of NDP I will however be across the country in terms of benefits accruing from the scheme.

6. . The scheme will be' implemented by NDDB through end implementing

agencies (EIAs) comprising State Livestock Boards, State Cooperative Dairy Federations, . District Cooperative; Milk Producer' Unions, cooperative forms of enterprises such as Producer Companies, Trusts (NGO's, Section 25 companies),

subsidiaries . of statutory bodies, ICAR institutes.' and Veterinary/Dairy.

Institutes/Universities and any other entity as may be decided by the National Steering Committee to be set up under the NDP-1. The EIAs will be eligible for funding of various components based on the 'eligibility criteria which will  comprise' geographical, technical, financial and governance parameters. .........

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