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Creating new pastures from waste land reclamation by Cows

Wasteland Reclamation for new Pastures & role of Cows
( Rigvidhan अगव्यूतिक्षेत्रमागन्म)
Rig Ved 6.47 mantras 20 to 24
Waste Land reclamation has been a very important subject receiving attention of planners. Given here is the Vedic insight in to waste land reclamation.

20.अगव्यूति क्षेत्रमागन्म देवा उर्वी सती भूमिरंहूरणाभूत् ।
बृहस्पते प्र चिकित्सा गविष्टावित्था सते जरित्र इन्द्र पन्थाम् ।। RV6.47.20
अगव्यूति   Waste land that is not visited by cows. (Forest land that is about 3 KM deep (one can hear and call his cows grazing in about 3 KM range) where cows could roam about without fear of predators were called अभयारण्य.We have come upon a vast tract of land that has no cows. It has the looks of having been devastated by wars. Bring on the cows and provide special care for this land to restore its health, and show the path for good citizens to bring it to life.

23.दिवेदिवे सदृशीरन्यमर्धं कृष्णा असेधदप सद्मनो जा: ।
अहन् दासा वृषभो वस्नयन्तोदव्रजे वर्चिना शम्बरं च ।। RV 6.47.21
Day by day, in stages by help of black skinned cows? Create habitat and facilities of water and suitable housing for manpower and other land reclamation resources, in one part of land and then moving over to the next part of land, it is possible to reclaim the wasteland, and replace them with greenery to attract rains and make the land habitable. (This mantra also contains the modern science about Pseudomonas Syringes bacteria that is harboured in greenery at ground levels and rises to cloud heights to induce precipitation of rains and thus protects green lands from becoming deserts.)
22. प्रस्तोक इन्नु राधसस्त इन्द्र दश कोशयीर्दश वाजिनोऽदात् ।
दिवोदासादतिथिग्वस्य राध: शाम्बरं वसु प्रत्यग्रभीष्म ।। 6.47.22
Thus it is possible to move forward in blocks of ten miles to gradually reclaim waste lands to convert them in to fertile agriculture wealth producing farm land by greening to attract atmospheric rains.
23.दशाश्वान् दश कोशान् दश वस्त्राधिभोजना ।
दशो हिरण्यपिण्डान् दिवोदासादसानिषम् ।। 6.47.23
Thus in blocks of ten miles land reclamation can provide prosperity and wealth by farm produce, for food; cotton etc for clothing, horses etc. for energy and modes of transport.

24.दश रथान् प्रष्टिमत: शतं गा अथर्वभ्य: ।
अश्वथ: पायवे ऽदात् ।। 6.47.24
Thus a peace loving (pastoral) life style emerges in society supported by  with tens of horse drawn carriages and hundreds of cows.

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I have been working to preserve and protect cow progeny. Thanks for these marvelous ancient texts with nodern illustrations.