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Cow Soil connection

Soil Foot Print:
( Based on work of Prof. William A Albrecht )
According to Dr Albrecht , the survival of the nomad in his wandering and a primitive agriculture depended on the fact that the cow went ahead of the plow. Cow was truly leading the people and really decided the geographic direction in which their agriculture went.  Cow inspected the natural forages, delineated the areas of the fertile soils, and labeled them  ( by dropping her dung) as fitted to grow  food for her owner as well as feed for herself. The agriculture of the OLD WORLD followed with plough where the cow had first gone to recommend where this implement should be put.  Such agriculture has long endured because it sent cow the ‘capable nutrition chemist’ ahead to scout for areas for all that met her requirements.
 According to Rig Ved
परा मे यन्ति धीतयो गावो गव्यूतीरनु | इच्छन्ति रुरुचक्षसम्‌ || ऋ1.25.16.
Cows making happy sounds proceed  to grasslands and exercise their choice on what to pick at according to their wisdom.
Vedas are talking here of cows’ instincts of selecting particular grasses in mixed pasture herbages.
On this subject Prof. William .A. Albrecht   observes thus ; “ The cow is not merely a mower of grass. She is a capable connoisseur of the vegetation as it satisfies her physiological requirements for growth, protection against disease, and reproduction. She seems to balance her diet well if mixed herbage permits”.
Anatomy of a cow connects her directly with an apparatus designed by Nature for digesting and handling bulky feeds with soil.
The forage she ingests brings with it the soil, its microflora and its faunas for preliminary synthetic and digestive convertive actions in the anaerobic conditions in her rumen.
‘Modern’ Agriculture developed by quite the reverse of that ancient procedure. On much of our arable land the plough went ahead of the cow. We did not utilize such
capable chemist like the cow that nomads had used to put the stamp of approval on the fertility of the soil as a suitable and enduring food creator for the cows and ourselves. We are now coming gradually to see that;
a.      In our problem of protein food supplements.
b.     In the increasing so-called disease.
c.      In the irregularities in conceptions by cows and buffaloes.
d.     In their failures in reproducing.
It is yet to be realized that while a plant is making vegetative bulk, it is not a proof that it is producing good feed. Cow has always shown her intelligence by her recognizing of correct feed, apart from avoiding both urine and feces. Horses and even rabbits  show their reluctance to feed on luscious green grass grown in highly rich nitrogenous but unbalanced soil.
Rabbits serve as very good chemists to endorse proper feed for cows.
Only Cow can ensure Healthy Soil
We are now coming gradually to see HOW COW ALONE PLAYS the role cow in maintaining  a rich & healthy soil for naturally ensuring  health of humanity .
Cow retains her instinct In spite of our attempts to convert the  cow in to chemical engineering establishment wherein her ration is as simple as urea & phosphoric acid mixed with carbohydrates and proteins, however crude .  Milk production which is the universal food with high efficiency cannot as yet be reduced to the simplicity of chemical engineering when calves become affected with rickets in spite of ample sunshine and plenty of milk, on certain on certain soil types of distinctly low fertility.  
For symbiotic vitamin synthesis England’s allegiance to cows as the ruminant and reduction of pigs and poultry that cannot do so, brings the subject of soils more directly in to efficient service for national health by cows.

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